Profit and Loss – Rental Property

This rental property profit and loss / income statement template can help taxpayers that own rental properties. Our rental property profit and loss is typical for landlords, property managers, and those owning rental properties. The rental property profit and loss is Microsoft excel, follow the steps below for ease of use.

Step 1.

Click Download and save the excel document to your desktop.

Step 2.

Open the document from your desktop, and be sure to click “Enable Editing” if prompted.

Step 3.

Fill out the Rental Property Profit and Loss. You can use financial statements, invoices, receipts, lease contracts etc. associated with the property / properties you’re preparing the profit and loss for.

Step 4.

Now that you’re finished with the profit and loss statement and feel confident in it’s accuracy you’ll need to prepare your taxes or provide it to your tax preparer.

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