Individual Tax Preparation

Our goal is to provide high quality tax services, in a satisfactory time, all the while staying in compliance with tax regulations and authorities. Professional tax preparation is the perfect preventative measure when dealing with the IRS and state tax agencies.

Business Tax Preparation

Whether filing as a single member LLC, partnership, corporation, s-corporation, or non profit It is important to stay ahead of the ever-changing tax codes. Tax Service Masters assists businesses, sole proprietors, and partnerships in tax preparation and tax filing to maximize tax savings.

Amended Tax Return

Need to Correct Forms 706, 990 / 990-EZ, 1040, 1040-A, 1040-EZ, 1040-NR, or 1040-NR EZ, 1065, or 1120 / 1120-S? If you file an individual or business tax return and then realize an error was made, your tax return can be changed.

Tax Resolution Services

What may seem confusing intricacies to an ever-changing tax code are resolved with ease at Tax Service Masters. By pairing our licensed enrolled agents with the most modern communicative software we are in fact best equipped to present and deliver results. Not all resolution results are the same, individual results vary per client, and are based on a number of circumstances. Our tax resolution practices are sought from businesses, individuals and contracted from front-end offices. Tax Service Masters is where your tax case is reviewed and resolved. We do not in any circumstance sell or subcontract your case.

Tax Resolution – Wage Garnishment, Liens, and Levy Release, Penalty Abatement

Tax Resolution – Installment Agreements (Payment Plans)
Our enrolled agents know how the agency works from the inside-out. Enrolled agent representation can make all the difference when seeking affordable payments via Installment Agreements to the IRS. It’s not uncommon for us to reach monthly Installment Agreements that are very affordable and realistic for our clients. We have hundreds of IA case studies.

Tax Resolution – Currently Not Collectible Status
Clients we represent, that wish to seek Currently Not Collectible status will be given a financial disclosure form. Any documentation needed will be submitted to the IRS on your behalf and a decision will be made by the IRS.

Tax Resolution – Offer In Compromise
If a taxpayer owes money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but cannot afford to pay the full debt, it is our obligation as your representative to present your financials to the IRS and prove your hardship. No entity, enrolled agent, tax attorney, CPA, or salesman can guarantee that the IRS is going to approve an Offer In Compromise for less than the full amount owed. We will however represent yo u in attaining the best possible outcome.

Tax Resolution – Zero Balance Letters

Have you been asked to provide a zero balance letter, we can help.

Tax Resolution – IRS Account Transcript Retrieval

Having a hard time receiving your IRS transcripts?

Tax Resolution – IRS Audit and Examination Services

If you’ve been notified of an IRS audit or examination don’t wait, take action before penalties, interest and adverse actions take place.

Business Services

Start a New Business

Our price to File a new corporation / LLC includes all costs associated with the new business filing; Visit our Clients page to File a New Business.

Merchant Services – Credit and Debit Card Processing

We will compete to beat your current Merchant Service – Credit and Debit Card Processor, you’ll save money and receive discounts on important and useful services such as bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax, Financial Reports (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets).