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When you’re ready to start the stop of your IRS problems with experienced help, we suggest starting with a free consultation, then tax discovery.

Complete IRS Representation and billable hours aren’t always needed after a tax discovery. Many times, an IRS Tax Discovery is all a taxpayer needs to determine exactly “where to go” and “how to get there”. Get free tax help consultation online or skip the consultation and go directly to the tax discovery for answers faster. Either way, you’ll reserve discussions with a licensed tax professional.

Our IRS tax help experts are licensed tax professionals and are qualified in tax resolution cases. We will present a strategy for resolving your case and advise you on what steps need to be taken to achieve the most effective tax help.

Our experienced tax help comes from an Enrolled Agent that will assess your situation and discuss all available options for resolving your tax matters – you will be speaking directly with an IRS licensed tax professional.

After receiving signature documents for initial IRS representation, we will call the IRS on your behalf, present the findings of the tax discovery to the customer, draft a customized actionable plan. We’ll take questions and explain answers – best- and worst-case scenarios.

Note: We conduct IRS Tax Discovery’s for taxpayers all over the country in every state, and yes even for taxpayers living overseas.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Tax Help?

Not all tax professionals have experience in tax resolution, in fact most CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and Tax Preparers are not experienced in the tax resolution aspect of taxes. At Tax Service Masters we specialize in identifying and resolving tax problems which is commonly referred to as tax resolution.

DIY – Without Professional Tax Help

Many taxpayers and business owners try to stop IRS collections on their own, but often find themselves unhappy with the outcomes. The IRS relies on individuals feeling too exhausted to contest their counteroffer, leading many to pay more than they can afford. With our Enrolled Agents retaining first-hand expertise in tax problems, they accurately propose solutions that are equitable for you and acceptable to the IRS. The IRS also views taxpayers favorably when they enlist the services of an agency like Tax Service Masters for representation, as it demonstrates a genuine commitment to resolving tax debts to the best of their capacity. Feel free to reach out for tax help online to start the stop of IRS collections.

When’s the Best or Worst time to Get Tax Help?

On a physical, mental, and financial level, it’s always a good time to resolve problems – especially tax problems with the IRS. Afterall, there’s not much worse than having an outstanding balance with the Internal Revenue Service. Not to mention, waiting could cost you more in interest and penalties.

Although an opinion piece open to criticism; If we had to compile the best and worst times for tax help it would be as listed below:

Best Times June – December

By June, especially July, most tax professionals survived tax season and hopefully found time to squeeze in a vacation. You’ll most likely have more attention from EA’s, CPAs, and Tax Professionals now that they’re not flooded with tax returns and timelines. IRS collection letters ramp up in August, so as soon as you receive one take action, or try to get help before January.

Worst times January – May

Most tax professionals are in peak tax filing mode come mid-January into May, and meeting tax filing deadlines for returning clients take precedence.

Due to this increase in workload on both the Tax Pro and IRS during tax season, tax resolution services take the passenger seat. In other words, even if tax resolution demand remains, servicing the needs of tax resolution may slightly decrease. It’s important to note that our office handles tax resolution year-round. The difference is not noticeable on the client side but experienced on the service side.

IRS Tax Help for Stopping IRS Levies

If you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and have failed to pay it or make alternative arrangements, the IRS may issue a tax levy against you. While a tax lien gives the IRS interest in property you own, a tax levy allows the IRS to seize your property and sell it to satisfy the debt you owe. However, the IRS will issue the tax lien first. It’s important to keep in mind that the IRS can stake claim to any property or monies you have an interest in, such as a life insurance policy, retirement account, or royalty income. The funds do not need to be in your own name for the IRS to issue a tax levy against them. For Tax Help and IRS Representation start by booking a free appointment online.

What to Expect with Professional Tax Help?

We can only describe tax help with Tax Service Masters. Results from one customer to another are similar in some ways and differ in others.

For example, all clients must sign a power of attorney for Enrolled Agent representation, and your power of attorney must be submitted to the IRS. That timeline is very predictable. The power of attorney process takes 1-3 weeks to process with the IRS. According to their website 5-7 business days (we usually check after day 5).

What’s not predictable is what a client’s tax goals are, and what their current tax situation is. Of course, our office will uncover what is needed to be in compliance with the IRS. This phase is what we refer to as the discovery. The tax discovery will uncover what is needed from the IRS.

How Much Does It Cost for Tax Help?

Every customer has a unique set of needs, for that reason Tax Help starts with a Tax Discovery to uncover what your needs are. Our Tax Discovery starts at $350.

Prices depend on your situation entirely. If one customer hasn’t filed their tax returns for 2 years and their returns involve simple W2’s then their case can be remedied rather quickly – making their tax help much more inexpensive. Verse a customer with self-employed income and years’ worth of bookkeeping needed – their cost of tax help will be more.

All prices for our tax help would include prior year tax preparation, contact with an IRS agent, IRS account investigation, the presentation of which tax resolution options are recommended, applying for the tax resolution options until your case is closed. Your case is closed when you and the IRS come to an arrangement.  

When it comes to resolving tax debts the first step is to fact find our client’s IRS account, then come up with a reasonable price and payment plan to help get the IRS off your account.

Tax Help & Getting Started

Often, potential customers are looking for assistance in stopping IRS collection efforts, and yes that includes the IRS letters and notifications, but even those will continue to flow for a few more months after help is sought. Primarily because automated IRS letters and notifications are usually months behind.

Upon reaching our office, you’ll speak with a tax professional who gathers and assesses your situation.

Given that our Enrolled Agents have experience working with taxpayers and IRS agents, we take on even the most intricate and urgent scenarios in reaching resolutions with the IRS. Our preliminary examination is complimentary, once you become a paying customer, we identify the issue, bring it to your attention and frame a tailored solution. Upon acceptance of our proposal, the subsequent step involves us acting as your IRS representative to speak with the IRS and stop the collection efforts.

Tax Help by Proving Financial Hardship

An alternative approach to stopping IRS collections involves a taxpayer demonstrating that the repayment of tax debt is causing significant financial hardship.

Initiating communication with the IRS and conveying the adverse effects of an IRS collection is a small part of our tax resolution service.

It’s important to note that hardship is a subjective matter. To substantiate your claim, you must furnish the IRS with financial details and a compelling explanation of how the collection can cause financial hardship. Hiring the services of a licensed tax professional can be instrumental in navigating this process effectively. At Tax Service Masters we help taxpayers overcome this challenge by assisting in the application process start to finish.

Can IRS debts be settled for a lesser amount, and if so, how long will it take?

After hiring Tax Service Masters to resolve your tax problems, some important forms for IRS representation need to be signed.

It is important to acknowledge IRS problems didn’t arise overnight and will likewise take time to achieve resolution.

On a good note, 90% of our clients never had to meet or speak with the IRS while we were representing them. On average IRS tax resolution cases can take anywhere from 1 – 12 months (longer in 10% of cases) depending on which department your IRS account is in, the amount of your tax liability, the intricacy of your case, IRS backlogs, the officer(s) assigned to you, and your specific case facts and circumstances. Most of these tax questions are answered by starting with a tax discovery, from there we’ll create a plan that ensures the best possible outcome.